We have come into this world with an innate spirit that embodies kindness, compassion and good natured simple innocence. This may even exist on a still yet undiscovered rung on our DNA ladder. Soon our lives get complicated, however. The edges get sharper, the words harsher and the constant use of our social media connections provides us with only partial attention. Our true spirit gets easily forgotten in the midst of our busy lives and complicated relationships. Our innate spirit takes a hit…

Casual 420 is about taking a hit back. Disconnect and quiet down by taking a moment for yourself. Breathing in casual and recalling the spirit, breathing out casual and being mindful of your good nature. Feel the spirit and nurture your loving kindness, embrace your soul and look to cultivate the best simple relationships with oneself, family, friends, and community.

Take a peaceful moment and explore what Casual 420 has to offer you. From our Tee Shirts in the Casual Room to sharing your thoughts and experiences of serene living in the Bubbling Buddha Room. Let us re-script an image of a simple, natural way of life.